Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co.

Welcome to Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co.  What is a Chubby Mermaid? No no please do not be offended, the term Chubby Mermaid  is a loving term given to the our beloved Florida Manatees. We at Chubby Mermaid Brewing honor these majestic creatures and will donate a percentage of beer sales to the Save the Manatee Club as an annual donation.


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  • Brew Review – Apparition by Home State Brewing November 27, 2023
    What’s funny about suburban Florida is the proliferation of overlarge communities. Not necessarily cities, but areas with subdivisions and shopping and dining and so on. Possibly the most famous in Florida is Celebration, a stretch of unincorporated Osceola County known as the ‘City that Disney built,” but is in reality another neighborhood area of Kissimmee. […]
  • Brew Review – 2022 Grand Cru by Barrel of Monks November 14, 2023
    Oh, the Grand Cru. A nomenclature usually reserved for other beverages and properly and lovingly reappropriated by the craft beer industry for exemplary exceptional beers. Their release is an event. And since our interview with Boca Raton’s Barrel of Monks on the Florida Beer Podcast is out, I can also release an article about this […]
  • Brew Review – Time Stands Still by Hiatus Brewing November 10, 2023
    When it comes to beer judging events, there’s two very separate schools of thought. One school is they are necessary as they can provide quality, expert feedback as to the strength of your brewing program, plus winners get an easy source of excellent marketing materials you can use to advertise your brewery. On the flipside, […]
  • Brew Review – Sea Foam by Stormhouse Brewing November 9, 2023
    It’s a relatively huge description for this beer. The adjuncts went more than a little outside the norm, and frankly I was happy to see that Stormhouse Brewing’s brewmaster and co-owner Christian Brinzo was able to go as experimental as he was with this beer. It’s not necessarily something I would expect to see in […]
  • Brew Review – Coco Borracho by Halpatter Brewing November 7, 2023
    If you are looking for any sort of information about the region around Leon County, with a little bit of movement north of the border into Georgia and some movement East and West, the Tallahassee Beer Society is the place to go. They, especially co-founder Danny Aller, tends to know the good things to drink […]
  • Brew Review – Georgia Bound by Hell ‘n Blazes October 30, 2023
    Well, it’s October, which means pretty much everybody’s got a Marzen on tap, then you get a little bit of extra left for some other German styles. The Hefeweizen is an understandable, and almost quintessential, year-round Florida beer. It doesn’t mean you can’t play with that either. So at Hell ‘n Blazes in Melbourne, they […]
  • Brew Review – Price’s Horchata by Pinellas Ale Works October 27, 2023
    I’m not sure who Price is. Obviously, Price is a person, and the notes on the can specifically state that Price is a long time friend of the brewery and also a home brewer. Apparently this is his recipe. What I find interesting, however, is this is a slight change of pace from the normal […]
  • Brew Review – Ybor Pale Lager by Tampa Bay Brewing October 26, 2023
    I find it funny that while Ybor City has, deservedly so, been a significant cultural and historic center in Tampa Bay’s history, the craft beer scene has been a little bit late in coming here. Sure, somewhere around the chickens it was the site of the first Florida grown craft brewery (And the inspiration on […]