Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co.

Welcome to Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co.  What is a Chubby Mermaid? No no please do not be offended, the term Chubby Mermaid  is a loving term given to the our beloved Florida Manatees. We at Chubby Mermaid Brewing honor these majestic creatures and will donate a percentage of beer sales to the Save the Manatee Club as an annual donation.




Hello my name is Gary, this is my wife Larymar; Welcome to Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co.  It has been a dream of mine to open a brewery for a long time, however being in the military prevented me from being able to take the plunge, that was until I retired in 2021.  Since my retirement from the military it has been a slow methodical “roll” to this point. I guess if I knew how much work it was going to be to get here, then I may have not done it. Well maybe I still would, I love this stuff!

So a little background

I have been brewing beer at home for over 14 years and I found myself drawn to every aspect of it.  Over these years I’ve spent a lot of time and money doing research, attending trade shows, speaking to vendors and other craft brewers to hone my skills along the way.  Lastly reiterating countless recipes to identify what small changes affect beer flavor, aroma and mouth feel.  What I love the most about brewing is the creative aspect of it, however it requires a lot of research, trial and error, and mostly dedication to produce that perfect Beer.  So please enjoy Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co. and know the staff and I will continue to strive for that next beer to be the best iteration possible. I hope you enjoy your visit, as much we have enjoyed creating our beers.

Giving Back

Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co. will donate a portion of every beer you purchase to the Save the Manatee Club as a yearly donation.  We love our “Chubby Mermaids” so please donate to them as you see fit! Cheers!