Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co.

Welcome to Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co.  What is a Chubby Mermaid? No no please do not be offended, the term Chubby Mermaid  is a loving term given to the our beloved Florida Manatees. We at Chubby Mermaid Brewing honor these majestic creatures and will donate a percentage of beer sales to the Save the Manatee Club as an annual donation.



Barley grown for the brewing process is selected by maltsters for processing either 2 row / 6 row barley it allowed to germinate and kilned to specific amounts based on the type of base grain or specialty grains.



Hops are the green cone-shaped flowers, or “inflorescence,” of the Humulus lupulus plant, which is technically a weed. Over the years hops have been cross breed and a multitude of new crop varietals are coming to market every year. This brings new aromas and flavors to breweries, allowing them to continue to create new beer hop aromas and flavors.



Chubby Mermaid Brewing Co. will employ barrel aged beers, with both Oak with previous spirits and Maple Wood barrels with previous maple syrup. these two very different barrels create two very distinct beers.



Chubby Mermaid brewing is a 500 Liter (4.2 Barrel) two vessel insulated brewhouse that employs reverse osmosis (RO) water for the mashing process. Our beer are generally fermented under pressure often called Spundling in 500L conical insulated jacketed fermenters. The cellaring is done with food grade glycol temperature controlled via the insulated jacket on each conical fermenter. Once fermentation is complete we blow the cone, and pressure transfer to keg for serving. Some beers are direct served from these same fermenters. Some beer will be diverted to caning for Point of Sale.